Italian lamps LE PORCELLANE, fashion and elegant taste of life

Founded in 1948 by Mario Sernesi in the ceramic artisan area of Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence, Le Porcellane is a visionary man who has been successful in business for many years and his progress depends on the value of tradition and quality.

In 1979, he presented his daughter Felicita Sernesi and his nephew Giacomo Lucibello at the helm, representing the great art and craft heritage passed down from generation to generation.

Handicraft industry: With more than 60 years of experience in porcelain products, the production of handcrafted items and decorations for home and lighting. All parts are handmade, and these items have always maintained a unique charm and style due to the long-standing high quality craftsmanship.

Handmade in Italy: Over the years, paying close attention to the evolution of lifestyle styles has led to a shift in the way contemporary influences of patterns, colours and decorations, interacting with traditional restorations, from the choice of precious metals, such as the realization of gold and platinum, strictly by hand Production, represented by “Italian handmade”.

Porcelain: Made according to ancient techniques, manual processing and a slow cooking process of 1330°. These fascinating items are sublimated by fine raw materials and traditional craftsmanship: each mark, fold and line are unique.

Adidas Grit mimics the sense of movement on the beach

Running on a soft beach is terrible. Even professional athletes, when they touch the sand, the explosive power and endurance that they can get at any time usually disappear quickly. But studies have shown that the risk of injury is reduced and training improves endurance and reduces shock. Therefore, the sport has been welcomed by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Designer Aarish Netarwala’s Grit concept shoes for Adidas replicate the same physical properties of the beach in a baroque 3D printed plaid designed to be used every time the foot is stepped. Absorb energy and build muscle – all without the hassle of sand between the toes.

For a long time, athletes have turned to running on the sand to build muscle and improve endurance, all of which does not wear as much as running on concrete roads. This is the habit observed by Arish Netawara athletes trained on the challenging sand slopes of Dunes Park in Manhattan Beach, California.

The reaction of the runner in the exercise boost raises the idea of how to replicate the energy loss that occurs when the runner’s foot sinks into the sand.

At first glance, Grit and Adidas have basically the same 3D printed grid layout in Futurecraft exploration over the past few years. But here, Arish Netawara further expands the complex elastic polyurethane sole of this shoe, incorporating Adidas three-quarters of the original knit socks to create a two-piece dynamic design that allows for running The burden on the muscles increased significantly. This concept is not new, because the power shoes designed for basketball training have always been to improve vertical jump. But unlike the strangely enhanced body shaping effect of wearing high heels in the opposite direction, Grit should allow you to maintain a normal gait between sprints.

Arish Netawara is now a deputy design strategist at fuseproject, who designed The Grit, sponsored by the Adidas Futures Group, during the ArtCenter College of design. It is currently only a one-off prototype. However, given that Adidas and other fitness products manufacturers have been working hard to increase their speed of movement to achieve millisecond speed while demonstrating another strength, it is not difficult to imagine without the need for beaches or dunes. Adidas or other fitness products manufacturers can provide something to test our perseverance.

Buy a children’s scooter, cool ride V3 with you

In addition to the company’s companionship, all kinds of vehicles are also essential. From the strollers before walking, walkers, you can walk, as well as balance cars, scooters, bicycles, etc., not only have to repeat a lot of money. Money also takes up the place in the home. The Cool Ride V3 Multi-Purpose Scooter is a product that combines the functions of a variety of children’s vehicles. It not only cultivates children’s balance and coordination, but also saves a part of the cost of repeated purchases.

The Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter uses a full-color printed carton package with the same pattern on both sides. The front and back sides of the car are printed with the product image of the product. The two sides show the features of the product in graphic form.

The Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter is available in red, green and blue. I tried the green product this time. The product package uses the opening method of the top cover, and a plastic handle for lifting is provided at the top.

The cool ride V3 multi-purpose scooter package is divided into discrete components, and the parts have independent packaging bags and plastic seals, which have a good protection effect on the products.

The manufacturer has a full-color installation instructions for the Cool Ride V3 and is equipped with a hex wrench.

The cool ride V3 multi-purpose scooter consists of only four parts: the pedal, the body, the T handle and the push handle. The overall structure is not complicated.

Cool riding V3 multi-purpose scooter base uses a reinforced pp material with high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, and a round soft rubber anti-slip mat in the back position, which can be very Good to avoid the danger of slipping.

The Cool Ride V3 adopts the three-wheel design of the front double rear single, which ensures good stability during steering and can stand down without the use of external force. The brake pads of the pedal are placed at the rear wheel position.

Cool ride V3 uses a more advanced gravity steering device, through the child’s body swing control direction, can exercise the child’s body balance, and the steering device also has a locking device, so that the child can reduce the danger in the early stage of adaptation.

The front of the cool ride V3 has a prominent anti-collision pad to reduce the impact force caused by the impact.

The body of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter has been metal as the overall skeleton. The outside is wrapped with the same pp material. The body is ergonomically designed with a curved outline, which is not only beautiful and more comfortable.

The body of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter has two forms. When it is placed upright, it can be used as the body of the scooter. When the car is rotated 90°, it can be changed into the seat of the balance car. The seat part is made of nylon. The conversion process can be completed only by opening the fixed buckle, which is very convenient.

The pusher of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter is made of aluminum alloy pipe with a matte finish and a telescopic handle with various length adjustments.

The T-handle of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter is also made of aluminum alloy with the push handle.

The use of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter requires assembly of the components first. Since all components are connected by a snap-on connection, it is only necessary to press the joints of the various components to fix them. No tools are required in the process.

I installed the cart in the order from bottom to top, inserted the body into the base, and installed the T-handle on the body. The form of the scooter was installed.

The three types of conversion of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter are also very simple. Only when the body and the base remain stationary, only the body is rotated, and the T is converted from the top of the car to the middle of the car to complete the conversion of the balance car. Then push the push to become the driver of the baby.

The ratio of the front and rear wheel diameters of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter is one to two. In addition to the high-quality wheel bearings, the implementation is very labor-saving, and only a small push is required to slide a long distance.

Cool riding V3 multi-purpose scooter can adapt to the needs of children at different growth stages of 1-5 years old. It can carry less than 20 kg in seat mode, and can be adjusted from 22.5 cm to 29 cm. The step phase can be used. Parents can also help balance and direction by pushing the handle, which greatly increases safety.

When the cool ride V3 is in the scooter mode, the load can reach 50 kg. Normal preschool children can basically use it. Due to the stability of the car body design, the child can easily grasp the sliding action, and the sliding process is smooth and labor-saving. The swing controls the direction and helps train the child’s balance and coordination. The foot brake is located on the rear wheel and you only need to use the rear heel to tap the scooter for quick feedback.

The Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter adopts an all-terrain design, which enables the scooter to slide smoothly on all kinds of roads with extremely high passability.

The Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter can be easily placed in the trunk of the car thanks to its detachable design.

[Trial summary]

Cool riding V3 multi-purpose scooter design is outstanding, beautiful and atmospheric, in line with the child’s aesthetic, material safety and sturd, the components used are snap-on connection, installation and disassembly is more convenient, all-terrain design, wide range of applications, a variety of shape changes, can Adapting to the needs of different ages of children, reducing the cost of repeating different products. Can grow up with the child for a long time.

Best Furniture Design for the Italian A’ Design Awards in 2018

A’Design Award is the world’s leading international annual design competition. It is an international competition recognized by the International Association of Graphic Design Associations ICOGRADA and the European Design Association BEDA. At the same time, it is also a member organization of ICSID (International Industrial Design Association), ICOGRADA (International Graphic Design Association) & ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association). The A’Design Awards are organized to honor the best designers from all countries in all areas of the world in all creative areas.

The eight outstanding products collected this time are compiled from the award-winning works of the A’ Design Grand Prix furniture, decorative items and household items design category, which was selected by 211 international judges to represent the design trend of today’s world home products.

01. Cocoon Lounge Chair designed by Timmy Kwok

Sitting on Cocoon is a strange and comfortable new experience. There is no doubt that it looks a bit revolutionary, but sitting on it will give you an unspeakable experience. Lean your body on it, it’s like a hammock woven with fabric. However, it is not as uncontrolled as a hammock, lying on a hammock, the fabric will be shaped by the gravity of your body. Lying on Cocoon, I feel that you still have some lumbar support, more like a recliner than a hammock. Then Cocoon’s frame is curved, it swings back and forth, not swinging side by side like a hammock. This swaying seat blends rocking, lazy and relaxing, perfect for a lazy afternoon with a hot cup of cocoa.

02. Renaissance armchair designed by Zaria Ishkildina

This Renaissance chair uses a visual illusion called Moire to create a beautiful effect. It is modeled on the curule chair of ancient Rome. The curule chair is designed for the highest privilege. Usually a symbol of status and power. Designer Zaria Ishkildina used a chair to change the material from wood to multiple stainless steel tubes welded together. Although the work is a wireframe, it doesn’t feel like an ordinary seat, but more like a modern, simple (materials) throne.

03. Exo chair designed by Svilen Gamolov

The unforgettable post-modern design of the Exo chair is unique from the top, the front or the side. Exo’s experimental design looks like a rectangle from the front, looks like an intersecting square and circle from the top, and looks like a relatively abstract shape from the side, and its experimental design immediately becomes compelling and seductive.

04. Petalis Sound Amplifier Designed by Ismail Gunes Otken

Petalis is a decorative element with special functions. Made from thick aluminum, inspired by flowers, Petalis works like an acoustic mirror that directs sound waves to a user or to a specific area. The sound of a TV or speaker with a 360° sound is often at a disadvantage, when the Petalis placed or mounted on the wall helps guide the sound that is thrown to the sides, bending the sound waves (much like a loudspeaker or a phonograph loudspeaker), and Focus on the sound waves to help amplify the sound waves. Petalis consists of a number of separate “petals” that can be hung on the wall in any way that suits you, both aesthetically and acoustically.

05. Joseph Felt Chair by Windels Lothar

The interesting part of the Joseph felt chair is that the foam is sandwiched between two felts, folded like a sandwich and then folded into a seat, folded to have a backrest and two armrests. The entire chair is made up of three well-positioned rivets, a very clever and unique design.

06. The Dialogue Clock by Evgenia Dymkina

The unique design of The Dialogue clock draws attention. First, the direct separation of the concentric coaxial hands is usually made, and the positive space is changed to a negative space, making the pointer a notch on the white dial. This makes the two dials (clock and minute) look like the face of Pac-Man (Classic Game). When they rotate every day, only two times at 3:45, they seem to be chatting, so they are named “The Dialogue”. The unusual design of The Dialogue clock also opened the door to many other exploratory designs. Can you think of a few clock designs?

07. Darkside side stool/side table designed by Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira

The Darkside stool is a unique piece. Acrylic makes it look very fragile, but it’s thick and almost everyone can use it as a stool. The base structure is painted stainless steel in black. It is versatile and you can use it as a stool and side table.

08. Dodo multifunctional chair designed by Mohammad Enjavi Amiri

Do is a double meaning in Urdu and Hindi. Dodo, according to this definition, perfectly describes this absolutely ingeniously deformed furniture that transforms between two forms, from chair to stool to coffee table, simply folding one side inward. The Dodo chair is designed from beech slats with stainless steel joinery and hinges. And just doing so, you can serve a variety of purposes, from bar stools, to chairs, to tables, and even bookshelves, which is a versatile piece of furniture.


After three years, Sharp released a new model robot mobile phone RoBoHoN cute fun and practical

Sharp Corporation recently announced that it will develop a new mobile phone with the mobile communication function and a small robot creative technology product “RoBoHoN” will launch three new models on February 27, together to understand.

Image result for RoBoHoN

RoBoHoN was first introduced in 2016. Now, after several years of evolution, the new model has finally been launched. The biggest feature of RoBoHon is that it is both an Android mobile phone and an intelligent robot who can not only remind users. The schedule, various tips, and even the ability to interact with the user, with simple artificial intelligence.

The RoBoHoN front camera is located on the forehead of the robot and the pixels are upgraded to 8 million.

The latest RoBoHoN is priced differently and is not exaggerated. It is divided into 3 products. The most expensive model, the full model “LTE/3G type SR-03M-Y” is priced at 180,000 yen, with the Wi-Fi type “SR- 04M-Y is priced at 120,000 yen, and the cheapest one is that you can’t walk with the Wi-Fi type “SR-05M-Y”, which is priced at 79,000 yen. Interested partners can pay attention to it.

What is the use of shells left in shrimp and crab? See how the Shellworks project uses seafood waste

Four designers from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College of Technology developed a range of machines to convert marine waste into biodegradable and recyclable bioplastics.

The project, Shellworks, witnessed Ed Jones, Insiya Jafferjee, Amir Afshar, and Andrew Edwards transforming crustacean shells into a paper-like material that can be used as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics.

This material is a mixture of vinegar and a biopolymer called chitin. Chitin is a fibrous substance that forms the cell wall of exoskeletons and fungi of crustaceans.

Designers can change the stiffness and flexibility of materials as needed

Although chitin is the second most abundant biopolymer in the world, it is also necessary to extract chitin from its source in order to convert it into a practical material.

After realizing how expensive it was to buy chitosan (a commercial version of chitin) and how time-consuming the extraction process was, designers decided to develop their own methods. They spent weeks trying to extract even a small amount of chitosan, and they realized that they needed the right tools to do the job.

This group experimented with the production of these five manufacturing machines.

They invented five manufacturing machines, Shelly, Sheety, Vaccy, Dippy and Drippy. Using these five machines, they can convert crustacean shells into different objects and ensure that no additives are added during processing that can affect the recyclability of the final product.

The first machine, called Shelly, is a small extractor that extracts chitin from seafood waste. The designer said that the extractor was designed to fully control each parameter in the process for further experiments at the polymer level of the material.

The transparency of the material can vary depending on the product being made

The other four machines use the specific properties of bioplastic solutions to demonstrate their potential to produce different products such as antibacterial blister packs, food safety bags and self-fertilizing pots.

For example, Sheety is an evaporative sheet former that uses hot air to convert a bioplastic solution into a flat material. They are then glued together in the form of a liquid of bioplastics.

On the other hand, Vaccy is a steam heated vacuum generator. The bioplastic sheet can be made into a molded package and placed in a vacuum shape in the shape of any object.

Dippy is a heated DIP molding machine consisting of two solid metal elements attached to a heat source, immersed in a liquid material and allowed to dry to form a 3D container such as a cup and container.

Use the Drippy hydraulic cycle machine to convert materials into liquid form

The versatility of the material also allows the designer to achieve different material properties by adjusting the ratio of the base components. This means they can control the hardness, flexibility and transparency of the material, as well as the thickness.

Once dried into one of three different forms, the material can then be converted to the original bioplastic solution for infinite recycling. This can be done with a Drippy recycling machine that drops a liquid solution of water and vinegar into a cup containing dry bioplastic chips and gradually turns it into a liquid.

Alternatively, it can be poured into the soil as a natural, non-polluting fertilizer in liquid form.

This material has been used in the manufacture of antibacterial blister packs, food safety bags and self-fertilizing flower pots.

The team hopes to make bioplastics more accessible and more widely adopted by other designers by developing their own manufacturing methods.

In fact, there is a similar project, the designer from Chile, Margarita Talep, created a sustainable, biodegradable alternative disposable package that uses raw materials extracted from seaweed.

Twilight Monocular Brief Review

Perhaps it is the curiosity of the heart, always want to go to the distance to see, see the people over there, the scenery on the other side, the things on the other side, everyone’s heart is hidden in the distant dream. Although not a telescope enthusiast, when I got this Twilight telescope, I was really a little excited.

The Twilight Monocular is a compact monocular, but with a diameter of 42mm and a product magnification of 10 times, it is very clear to watch.

Unlike the previously used telescopes, the Twilight monocular needs to be aligned with the scene before use, and then adjust the appropriate multiple by the above pulsator to obtain a suitable field of view.

The lens of the Twilight telescope is very clear and there is no ambiguity. The official information is that the double-sided multi-layer broadband coating is used. Without a deep understanding of this process, is it not enough to get a clear view?

The surface material has been matte and non-slip, and the friction is strong, preventing accidental loss caused by the telescope when the hand slips.

The metal at the bottom can be attached to the lanyard that comes with the product, and a layer of insurance is added during use.

This lanyard can also be rotated to serve as a tripod for a more stable experience.