Adidas Grit mimics the sense of movement on the beach

Running on a soft beach is terrible. Even professional athletes, when they touch the sand, the explosive power and endurance that they can get at any time usually disappear quickly. But studies have shown that the risk of injury is reduced and training improves endurance and reduces shock. Therefore, the sport has been welcomed by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Designer Aarish Netarwala’s Grit concept shoes for Adidas replicate the same physical properties of the beach in a baroque 3D printed plaid designed to be used every time the foot is stepped. Absorb energy and build muscle – all without the hassle of sand between the toes.

For a long time, athletes have turned to running on the sand to build muscle and improve endurance, all of which does not wear as much as running on concrete roads. This is the habit observed by Arish Netawara athletes trained on the challenging sand slopes of Dunes Park in Manhattan Beach, California.

The reaction of the runner in the exercise boost raises the idea of how to replicate the energy loss that occurs when the runner’s foot sinks into the sand.

At first glance, Grit and Adidas have basically the same 3D printed grid layout in Futurecraft exploration over the past few years. But here, Arish Netawara further expands the complex elastic polyurethane sole of this shoe, incorporating Adidas three-quarters of the original knit socks to create a two-piece dynamic design that allows for running The burden on the muscles increased significantly. This concept is not new, because the power shoes designed for basketball training have always been to improve vertical jump. But unlike the strangely enhanced body shaping effect of wearing high heels in the opposite direction, Grit should allow you to maintain a normal gait between sprints.

Arish Netawara is now a deputy design strategist at fuseproject, who designed The Grit, sponsored by the Adidas Futures Group, during the ArtCenter College of design. It is currently only a one-off prototype. However, given that Adidas and other fitness products manufacturers have been working hard to increase their speed of movement to achieve millisecond speed while demonstrating another strength, it is not difficult to imagine without the need for beaches or dunes. Adidas or other fitness products manufacturers can provide something to test our perseverance.

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