Buy a children’s scooter, cool ride V3 with you

In addition to the company’s companionship, all kinds of vehicles are also essential. From the strollers before walking, walkers, you can walk, as well as balance cars, scooters, bicycles, etc., not only have to repeat a lot of money. Money also takes up the place in the home. The Cool Ride V3 Multi-Purpose Scooter is a product that combines the functions of a variety of children’s vehicles. It not only cultivates children’s balance and coordination, but also saves a part of the cost of repeated purchases.

The Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter uses a full-color printed carton package with the same pattern on both sides. The front and back sides of the car are printed with the product image of the product. The two sides show the features of the product in graphic form.

The Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter is available in red, green and blue. I tried the green product this time. The product package uses the opening method of the top cover, and a plastic handle for lifting is provided at the top.

The cool ride V3 multi-purpose scooter package is divided into discrete components, and the parts have independent packaging bags and plastic seals, which have a good protection effect on the products.

The manufacturer has a full-color installation instructions for the Cool Ride V3 and is equipped with a hex wrench.

The cool ride V3 multi-purpose scooter consists of only four parts: the pedal, the body, the T handle and the push handle. The overall structure is not complicated.

Cool riding V3 multi-purpose scooter base uses a reinforced pp material with high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, and a round soft rubber anti-slip mat in the back position, which can be very Good to avoid the danger of slipping.

The Cool Ride V3 adopts the three-wheel design of the front double rear single, which ensures good stability during steering and can stand down without the use of external force. The brake pads of the pedal are placed at the rear wheel position.

Cool ride V3 uses a more advanced gravity steering device, through the child’s body swing control direction, can exercise the child’s body balance, and the steering device also has a locking device, so that the child can reduce the danger in the early stage of adaptation.

The front of the cool ride V3 has a prominent anti-collision pad to reduce the impact force caused by the impact.

The body of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter has been metal as the overall skeleton. The outside is wrapped with the same pp material. The body is ergonomically designed with a curved outline, which is not only beautiful and more comfortable.

The body of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter has two forms. When it is placed upright, it can be used as the body of the scooter. When the car is rotated 90°, it can be changed into the seat of the balance car. The seat part is made of nylon. The conversion process can be completed only by opening the fixed buckle, which is very convenient.

The pusher of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter is made of aluminum alloy pipe with a matte finish and a telescopic handle with various length adjustments.

The T-handle of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter is also made of aluminum alloy with the push handle.

The use of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter requires assembly of the components first. Since all components are connected by a snap-on connection, it is only necessary to press the joints of the various components to fix them. No tools are required in the process.

I installed the cart in the order from bottom to top, inserted the body into the base, and installed the T-handle on the body. The form of the scooter was installed.

The three types of conversion of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter are also very simple. Only when the body and the base remain stationary, only the body is rotated, and the T is converted from the top of the car to the middle of the car to complete the conversion of the balance car. Then push the push to become the driver of the baby.

The ratio of the front and rear wheel diameters of the Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter is one to two. In addition to the high-quality wheel bearings, the implementation is very labor-saving, and only a small push is required to slide a long distance.

Cool riding V3 multi-purpose scooter can adapt to the needs of children at different growth stages of 1-5 years old. It can carry less than 20 kg in seat mode, and can be adjusted from 22.5 cm to 29 cm. The step phase can be used. Parents can also help balance and direction by pushing the handle, which greatly increases safety.

When the cool ride V3 is in the scooter mode, the load can reach 50 kg. Normal preschool children can basically use it. Due to the stability of the car body design, the child can easily grasp the sliding action, and the sliding process is smooth and labor-saving. The swing controls the direction and helps train the child’s balance and coordination. The foot brake is located on the rear wheel and you only need to use the rear heel to tap the scooter for quick feedback.

The Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter adopts an all-terrain design, which enables the scooter to slide smoothly on all kinds of roads with extremely high passability.

The Cool Ride V3 multi-purpose scooter can be easily placed in the trunk of the car thanks to its detachable design.

[Trial summary]

Cool riding V3 multi-purpose scooter design is outstanding, beautiful and atmospheric, in line with the child’s aesthetic, material safety and sturd, the components used are snap-on connection, installation and disassembly is more convenient, all-terrain design, wide range of applications, a variety of shape changes, can Adapting to the needs of different ages of children, reducing the cost of repeating different products. Can grow up with the child for a long time.

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