Best Furniture Design for the Italian A’ Design Awards in 2018

A’Design Award is the world’s leading international annual design competition. It is an international competition recognized by the International Association of Graphic Design Associations ICOGRADA and the European Design Association BEDA. At the same time, it is also a member organization of ICSID (International Industrial Design Association), ICOGRADA (International Graphic Design Association) & ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association). The A’Design Awards are organized to honor the best designers from all countries in all areas of the world in all creative areas.

The eight outstanding products collected this time are compiled from the award-winning works of the A’ Design Grand Prix furniture, decorative items and household items design category, which was selected by 211 international judges to represent the design trend of today’s world home products.

01. Cocoon Lounge Chair designed by Timmy Kwok

Sitting on Cocoon is a strange and comfortable new experience. There is no doubt that it looks a bit revolutionary, but sitting on it will give you an unspeakable experience. Lean your body on it, it’s like a hammock woven with fabric. However, it is not as uncontrolled as a hammock, lying on a hammock, the fabric will be shaped by the gravity of your body. Lying on Cocoon, I feel that you still have some lumbar support, more like a recliner than a hammock. Then Cocoon’s frame is curved, it swings back and forth, not swinging side by side like a hammock. This swaying seat blends rocking, lazy and relaxing, perfect for a lazy afternoon with a hot cup of cocoa.

02. Renaissance armchair designed by Zaria Ishkildina

This Renaissance chair uses a visual illusion called Moire to create a beautiful effect. It is modeled on the curule chair of ancient Rome. The curule chair is designed for the highest privilege. Usually a symbol of status and power. Designer Zaria Ishkildina used a chair to change the material from wood to multiple stainless steel tubes welded together. Although the work is a wireframe, it doesn’t feel like an ordinary seat, but more like a modern, simple (materials) throne.

03. Exo chair designed by Svilen Gamolov

The unforgettable post-modern design of the Exo chair is unique from the top, the front or the side. Exo’s experimental design looks like a rectangle from the front, looks like an intersecting square and circle from the top, and looks like a relatively abstract shape from the side, and its experimental design immediately becomes compelling and seductive.

04. Petalis Sound Amplifier Designed by Ismail Gunes Otken

Petalis is a decorative element with special functions. Made from thick aluminum, inspired by flowers, Petalis works like an acoustic mirror that directs sound waves to a user or to a specific area. The sound of a TV or speaker with a 360° sound is often at a disadvantage, when the Petalis placed or mounted on the wall helps guide the sound that is thrown to the sides, bending the sound waves (much like a loudspeaker or a phonograph loudspeaker), and Focus on the sound waves to help amplify the sound waves. Petalis consists of a number of separate “petals” that can be hung on the wall in any way that suits you, both aesthetically and acoustically.

05. Joseph Felt Chair by Windels Lothar

The interesting part of the Joseph felt chair is that the foam is sandwiched between two felts, folded like a sandwich and then folded into a seat, folded to have a backrest and two armrests. The entire chair is made up of three well-positioned rivets, a very clever and unique design.

06. The Dialogue Clock by Evgenia Dymkina

The unique design of The Dialogue clock draws attention. First, the direct separation of the concentric coaxial hands is usually made, and the positive space is changed to a negative space, making the pointer a notch on the white dial. This makes the two dials (clock and minute) look like the face of Pac-Man (Classic Game). When they rotate every day, only two times at 3:45, they seem to be chatting, so they are named “The Dialogue”. The unusual design of The Dialogue clock also opened the door to many other exploratory designs. Can you think of a few clock designs?

07. Darkside side stool/side table designed by Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira

The Darkside stool is a unique piece. Acrylic makes it look very fragile, but it’s thick and almost everyone can use it as a stool. The base structure is painted stainless steel in black. It is versatile and you can use it as a stool and side table.

08. Dodo multifunctional chair designed by Mohammad Enjavi Amiri

Do is a double meaning in Urdu and Hindi. Dodo, according to this definition, perfectly describes this absolutely ingeniously deformed furniture that transforms between two forms, from chair to stool to coffee table, simply folding one side inward. The Dodo chair is designed from beech slats with stainless steel joinery and hinges. And just doing so, you can serve a variety of purposes, from bar stools, to chairs, to tables, and even bookshelves, which is a versatile piece of furniture.