After three years, Sharp released a new model robot mobile phone RoBoHoN cute fun and practical

Sharp Corporation recently announced that it will develop a new mobile phone with the mobile communication function and a small robot creative technology product “RoBoHoN” will launch three new models on February 27, together to understand.

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RoBoHoN was first introduced in 2016. Now, after several years of evolution, the new model has finally been launched. The biggest feature of RoBoHon is that it is both an Android mobile phone and an intelligent robot who can not only remind users. The schedule, various tips, and even the ability to interact with the user, with simple artificial intelligence.

The RoBoHoN front camera is located on the forehead of the robot and the pixels are upgraded to 8 million.

The latest RoBoHoN is priced differently and is not exaggerated. It is divided into 3 products. The most expensive model, the full model “LTE/3G type SR-03M-Y” is priced at 180,000 yen, with the Wi-Fi type “SR- 04M-Y is priced at 120,000 yen, and the cheapest one is that you can’t walk with the Wi-Fi type “SR-05M-Y”, which is priced at 79,000 yen. Interested partners can pay attention to it.

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