Twilight Monocular Brief Review

Perhaps it is the curiosity of the heart, always want to go to the distance to see, see the people over there, the scenery on the other side, the things on the other side, everyone’s heart is hidden in the distant dream. Although not a telescope enthusiast, when I got this Twilight telescope, I was really a little excited.

The Twilight Monocular is a compact monocular, but with a diameter of 42mm and a product magnification of 10 times, it is very clear to watch.

Unlike the previously used telescopes, the Twilight monocular needs to be aligned with the scene before use, and then adjust the appropriate multiple by the above pulsator to obtain a suitable field of view.

The lens of the Twilight telescope is very clear and there is no ambiguity. The official information is that the double-sided multi-layer broadband coating is used. Without a deep understanding of this process, is it not enough to get a clear view?

The surface material has been matte and non-slip, and the friction is strong, preventing accidental loss caused by the telescope when the hand slips.

The metal at the bottom can be attached to the lanyard that comes with the product, and a layer of insurance is added during use.

This lanyard can also be rotated to serve as a tripod for a more stable experience.